A high speed & high performance amphibious sports vehicle

The Hydra Spyder

The Hydra Spyder is a sensational amphibious vehicle built specifically for speed and fun! It is an exhilarating experience to plane across the water in a vehicle that looks like a car, yet in all actuality, is a boat. Hydra Spyder is a diesel-electric hybrid amphibious vehicle.


Just as impressive as the artwork

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is a sophisticated task.The Hydra Spyder is powered by a Corvette LS engine. 5 speed manual high performance close ratio transmission. Front wheel drive. The suspension system is air ride with retracting wheels and planning doors for high speed water usage.

The instrumentation display indicates all engine related information including: Speedometer; Tachometer; Water Temperature; Oil Pressure; Battery Volts; and Fuel Gauge. Individual bucket seats for the driver and passenger, and a bench seat in the rear.

The lower hull of the vehicle is constructed using a 5052 alloy aluminium and the upper body is constructed using light weight fiberglass. This lightens the body to allow for increased speed and performance on the water and on the road.

High-tech and craftsmanship

High-tech and craftsmanship

On land these units have high grip and great off-road ability that can be further enhanced with an optional set of tracks that can be mounted directly onto the wheels. Although the spinning action of the tires is enough to propel the vehicle through the water – albeit slowly – outboard motors can be added for extended water use.


On land the car is driven normally, the 3300 pound vehicle gets 16-18 miles per gallon, and can easily be fitted to take an ethanol mix instead of gasoline.

Built for speed

Built for speed

The Hydra Spyder is a 2 door amphibian that seats up to 4 people. It contains positive flotation foam approved by the United States Coast Guard. Positive buoyancy is assured. This gorgeous vehicle will seat 4 people with speeds of 46 knots in the water.

Marine Mode

The Jet Drive Kicks in

Plane like a speedboat

To switch the resultant Hydra Spyder into "marine mode," the driver simply presses a button, which drops the clutch, disengages the road drive and retracts the wheels.

The simple usage of a toggle button on the dashboard will enable the car's aquatic mode. The wheels then "tuck" into the body of the car, simultaneously switching to a different engine, ready to power the car on water.

Then the jet drive kicks in, allowing the Spyder to plane across water like a speedboat at more than 80km/h.

You can even have a built-in fishfinder, although this amphibian isn't intended for use on the open sea.

The Hydra Spyder is an open-top amphibious sportscar

The Hydra Spyder is an open-top amphibious sportscar

In road tests, we have run the Hydra Spyder at speeds of over 202 km. The standard production model weights approximately 3,300 lbs and is powered by a Corvette LS2 6.0 liter V-8 engine rated at 400 h.p., 6000 rpm, and 400 ft. lbs of torque at 4000rpm. The model also includes a 5-speed manual high performance close ratio transmission and front wheel drive with 3.73 - 1 axle ratio.


Tachometer - Speedometer: for both land and water - Oil Pressure - Engine Temperature - Voltage Meter - Gasoline Fume Detector - Bilge Ventilation Blower – Compass – Clock - AM-FM Stereo

Usages of Hydra Spyder

Beauty becomes even more beautiful when it follows an idea.

So much to love

Usages of Bebuzee amphibious vehicles manufactured are mainly used for: Sightseeing, Cargo Supply, Transportation, Taxi, Tourism, Recreation, Speed, Fuel Conservation, and for FUN!

Our Philisophy

Our Philisophy

Bebuzee Automobile specialize in designing, creating, and manufacturing original custom built amphibious and non-amphibious vehicles for both the commercial and recreational markets. Our amphibious vehicles possess the patented safety feature of being unsinkable thus making us unique.

Our objective is to focus research and development on providing safe and reliable vehicles that are attractive to companies and consumers. It is our goal to be the industry leader in focusing on these objectives and being the first to manufacture innovative designs reflecting these trends. Bebuzee Automobile conforms to the stringent rules of the ABS, DOT, EU, MCA, NHTSA, SAE, USCG, NTSB, and other marine and safety authorities.

Personalisation & accessories available