A State-of-the-Art Amphibious Tour Bus

Hydra – Terra

The Hydra-Terra’s provide land and water tours, as well as, transportation for various locations around the world. The depth, nor time out on the water matters to the Hydra-Terra, as long as fuel and care are provided.

Treated with proper care, the Hydra-Terra was designed to run for years and years in salt or fresh water.

Universal designs allows the installation of instrument packages in virtually any language and local units of measure. Bebuzee Automobile is able to install nearly any brand of engine and power train allowing for serviceability in respective country. The Hydra-Terra’s meet global emission and we conform to each countries standards. Hydra Terra is a diesel-electric hybrid amphibious vehicle.

High Tech and Craftsmanship

The creative process.

Ingeniously unparalleled

The Hydra-Terra is the only Coast Guard approved "T" Vessel with our revolutionary positive buoyancy foam-filled compartments. Our design is fully patented and UNSINKABLE; even with the drain plugs removed and the full engine room flooded!

The V shaped hull is designed to cut through the water and the centre steering location allows for incredible visibility for the captain. All the Hydra-Terra's controls are conveniently located in the captain's cockpit.

A ZF Marine Transmission drives a huge 26” bronze propeller on a 2” stainless steel shaft. Steering is provided using an electric linear actuator to move the rudder port and starboard, no cables.

A rudder angle indicator is located on the dash. 2 or 3 engines optional.

Standard Measurements

Upgrades Available

Standard Measurements

Upgrades Available

Length 30' & 40' or 9.15meters

• Width 102" or 2.5 Meters

• Height 11' 6" or 3.5 Meters

• Interior Height 6'6"

• Weight 17,000 lbs

• Work Deck Space 250 sq. feet

• Capacity 30 to 49 Passengers (plus 2 crew members)

Interior and Upgradable Options

The manufacturing process is not the only challenge we are faced with.

Easy maintenance, low-back, padded vinyl seats are standard in the Hydra-Terra. Upgrades are available which can include coach quality seating with reclining backs, mesh map pockets, and snack trays.

Standard options include:

Driver Side Air Bag - Laminated Safety Plate Windshield - Safety Glass Roll Down Windows - Padded Dash - Full Instrumentation - Fire Alarm - Bilge Alarm.

Upgradable options include:

Roll Down Curtains – Bathroom - 4-Wheel Drive - Floatation Tires - Spare Tire - Engine Upgrades - Jet Marine Drive & Separate Diesel Engine - Enclosed Vehicle for Heating and Air Conditioning

United States Coast Guard

fully inspected vessel

United States Coast Guard

fully inspected vessel

The Hydra-Terra is a United States Coast Guard fully inspected vessel. It passes all of the following USCG inspections and/or tests: Structural Hull Analysis, Hull Welding Examination, (including die penetrate testing), Electrical Systems Approval, Sea Trial, Complete Stability Test, and Certificate of Inspection.

The Hydra-Terra has been a proven performer with successful operations in 27 countries around the world.

Bebuzee Automobile specializes in foam filled unsinkable amphibious vehicles.