The Landing Craft

Shore to shore cargo

Innovative amphibious are not the only vessels Bebuzee Automobile designs and builds. Our boat only Landing Craft is built especially for those who need to carry cargo, construction supplies, small vehicles, groceries, and other necessary equipment across the water. Perfect for areas with many islands.

Reserved Buoyancy

Hull Design

Manufactured to any size and weight

Bebuzee Automobile hull design provides reserved buoyancy to the vessel making it unsinkable at approved load ratings. The Landing Craft can be custom manufactured to any size and weight requested.

High-speed performance

High-speed performance

The LC36 shown in the above picture is a 36 ft. long Landing Craft is capable of carrying 26,000 pounds of supplies and equipment from Island to Island.

Our unique shallow draft hull design with catamaran sponsons provide high-speed performance, especially when unladen.

For example, our LC36 is capable of running 34 knots with just two 150 hp outboards.


LC36 Length 36’ Width 10’ Hull Height 48” Cabin Height 7’ Cabin Dimensions 4’X6’ Weight Unloaded 6,000 Unloaded w/Engines 7,000 Weight Loaded 32,000 Capacity 25,000lbs

LC30 Length 30’ Width 10’ Hull Height 48” Cabin Height 7’ Cabin Dimensions 4’X6’ Weight Unloaded 5,000 Unloaded w/Engines 6,000 Weight Loaded 18,000 Capacity 12,000lbs



The Captain’s Cockpit is raised above the deck of the Landing Craft for greater visibility. Manufactured with 3/16” aluminium. Featuring a hydraulic ramp in the front for loading vehicles and equipment from the shoreline. Custom sizes available. Contains flotation foam within its hull.